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Our online agility running contacts class is a 15 Week class (3  1/2 months) - you’ll receive all access to view the class material and UNLIMITED feedback on your own videos!

This is 15 Week online class  contains 7 lesson plans. Our running contact class covers both the running a-frame & dogwalk from the very beginning foundation steps to difficult; independent turns at full height. Feedback will be personalized to each team’s progression & training level. Whether you’re interested in teaching JUST a running a-frame, looking to retrain from stopped contacts, would like help teaching difficult turns, or teaching both a running aframe and dogwalk.

Each lesson will include both video demonstrations by our dogs and a detailed written explanation for you to review. Our course is run on a private Facebook page.

How does your running contact method differ from others ?

Our goal is to teach fast, reliable, and independent running contacts with EXCEPTIONAL TURNS. Your dog will know where they’re going after the contact before they’re even half way across the piece of contact equipment! They can make adjustments if they need to power through the end of the contact or add on more strides on the actual plank. They’ll learn to call off a tunnel 3 feet away or easily go to the backside of a jump directly after a contact.

We prefer to use more of a black and white criteria with less props and use criteria which is “hit as low as possible”. We dont obsess over a certain number of strides or footpattern. We also use verbal cues that tell the dog where they’re going while they’re still on the contact to help give them more information if there’s a tight turn, backside  obstacle; threadle, or extension exit after the contact – You’ll learn these verbal cue’s in class.


-12 FT Plank
-Minimum Age: 6 months (Foundation Steps)

WORKING SPOT: Regular Price $299CDN (ON SALE $248CDN / $199USD)
Working participants will be able to post videos and receive personalized instruction to where there dog’s current progress is at.

AUDITING SPOT: Regular Price $245CDN (ON SALE $186CDN / $149USD)
Auditors can view all videos and lessons plans from both the instructor and working participants, as well as ask questions!

Registration OPEN! – You’ll receive 15 weeks (3  1/2 months)  all access to view the class material and UNLIMITED feedback on your own videos!

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